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About Us

MultiMatts offer a wide range of solutions providing temporary access, ground protection and ground stabilisation.


Our products are commonly used within construction and civil engineering projects, along with the event, leisure and other industries to provide trackway, marquee flooring, stadium flooring, exhibit/display flooring, temporary roadways, temporary car parks and pedestrian walkways.

You'll find that a number of our products are for Hire or our Buyback scheme can undoubtedly reduce the overall cost for particular projects and scenarios, when budget limitations are a concern.

Mission Statement

At MultiMatts, we believe in maintaining the highest standards in health, safety and environmental practices. Our experienced team are ready to accommodate any temporary access, ground protection or stabilisation requirements with 24/7 assistance. You can be certain that each sale or hire doesn't end with delivery, so our professional team are always on-hand for technical and after sales advice. We can often be contacted by email or phone when out-of-hours or you'll be able to speak to an operator to leave your voice message.

Our Philosophy

We listen and respond to our customer’s needs and requirements. From our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we can provide unique and innovative, high-quality solutions that emphasis on latest technology, maximising performance, ease of use, and safety.

Our team continues to invest in products and services, building long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients and providing them with “best in class” premium products, whilst also saving time and money.
No matter what the requirement, or the size of project, we’ll be happy to help and support you.

We are a part of the Elite Group of Companies

The group starts at the heart with Elite GSS Ltd, a market-leading supplier of specialist non-mechanical plant and equipment for sale and hire to construction, civil engineering and event industries.
With products and services for ground support, the next natural step was to expand the business through MultiMatts and Elite Timber Supplies Ltd to supply similar and other related items. Each business is committed to ensure all products and services meet the ever-changing and demanding conditions within their field.